Dental Hygiene Services

What is a dental hygienist?


A dental hygienist is a clinical professional who will help you to maintain good oral hygiene. The health of your gums can also be a barometer for your general health and wellbeing and your dental hygienist will be able to offer you advice and instruction to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Scaling and polishing will reduce staining caused by smoking and some food and drinks, and help you to remove plaque, calculus (tartar).


Your dental hygienist can also provide valuable oral hygiene instruction to children and to carry out fissure sealant treatment which is a very effective method of preventing decay in the teeth of young children.


It is considered good practice for your dentist to refer you to your dental hygienist for scaling and polishing appointments according to your needs and if you want additional scale and polishes to brighten up your teeth, just ask your dental hygienist. 

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