General Dental Services

Caring for your teeth


While we can of course help to enhance your smile with cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening, your teeth still need routine care and attention to keep them looking their best. 


That means visiting us for a dental check-up regularly, so that we can take a good look at your teeth and mouth, and spot any potential problems early enough to nip them in the bud. 


Sometimes we may need to carry out restorative work on teeth which have been damaged by decay or by an accident. This can include tooth-coloured fillings, crowns or, if you have any teeth missing, bridges or dentures. 


Occasionally there are instances when we might feel that a specialist in a particular field would be better suited to your particular problem.  This is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about. In such cases, we have a full network of specialists that we can refer you to. 


We can also help with a variety of other problems. Some of these, such as suspected bad breath, can be very embarrassing, but we will always do our best to put you at ease and to be understanding and helpful. 


Similarly, we are aware that some people are anxious about visiting the dentist. Our team is friendly and sympathetic, and we are always ready to listen to any concerns you may have.


If you have any queries about your teeth, gums or mouth, or if there are any dental issues you would like to discuss with us, please do let us know during your check-up. We will be happy to talk through them with you.

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